City attractions

All the main points of historical and artistic interest of Tarragona are easily accessible on foot and also by public transport. Our central location in the city will make every visit you want to make a pleasant walk in which you will discover all the magical corners thatyhe city hides.

Roman Amphitheater

Oval-shaped building built in the second century near the sea, whose steps were excavated in the rock. The amphitheater measures 109.5 by 86.5 meters in total and had a capacity for about 14,000 spectators. Inside, gladiator fights with wild beasts and public executions were celebrated. In the year 259 they burned alive the bishop Fructuoso and subdeacons Augurio and Eulogio.

In the 6th century, a Visigothic basilica was built inside, on which the medieval church of Santa María del Miracle was built.

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Roman Circus and Plaza de la Font

The remains of the Roman circus are perfectly preserved, in this enclosure horse races were held which brought together people of all social status.The Circus is located just below the old town of the current city, only 30% is today exposed.

The circuit of the circus and the stands parallel to the visible, are buried, and are currently part of the walls of the City. Plaça de la Font, located in the center of the city, occupies a quarter of the arena of the old Roman circus. This square is one of the favorite places of Tarragona for their parties and to enjoy their terraces drinking something.

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Cathedral of Tarragona

It is located in the highest point of the city, a hill that in the past served as a settlement to a Roman imperial temple, a construction of Visigothic cult and an Arab mosque. Every year, at the Santa Tecla festivities, human castells are built to delight the staff and amaze tourists.


Municipal Market

Central Market, built in 1915 (Josep M. Pujol, 1915), is a modernist building that has more than 100 years, its construction was revolutionary by the use of wrought iron columns to lighten the interior, it has been remodeled Recently.

If you want to buy fresh and seasonal products in a very typical environment, you must visit the markets of Tarragona.

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Alexandra aparthotel is located in the centre of Tarragona, just a 5 minutes walk from the most of the monuments from the ancient Roman city.
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