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1. tr. Test and examine virtually the effectiveness, virtue and properties of a thing. << our customers love to experience our chocolate passion >> Also intr.

To perceive or feel something by own experience, as a change or a feeling: << I am experiencing the energization of body and mind with the Hammam Ritual; experience calm >>

Be subject to some change in your state. << experience satisfaction >>

To perceive momentarily a sensation or state of mind. << experience comfort and well-being >>


We put a bit of heart in all the experiences we create for you, to make your stay in Tarragona unique and unforgettable.

Experience the SLOW TRAVEL, travel slowly, travel without hurries, escape of the tyranny of speed, and reconnect to enjoy yourself and the place you travel. The best way to know a place is to meet its people and its customs. Here you can find people who will help you discover the nature, culture and area's products.

A slow trip prioritizes above visiting the city, experimenting it, discovering it, enjoying it, being surprised and consequently get integrated, let us help you.

Travel without hurries and allow yourself the pleasure of enjoying…

Alexandra Aparthotel | Tarragona | IN THE HEART OF  TARRAGONA


Alexandra aparthotel is located in the centre of Tarragona, just a 5 minutes walk from the most of the monuments from the ancient Roman city.
Alexandra Aparthotel | Tarragona | Services


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