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10 great things to do in Tarragona! Our travel notebook!

Tarragona is a small city, but with endless resources to explore, get lost in its streets and discover its corners and secrets ... you will be surprised !!

The Rambla Nova and the Balcony of the Mediterranean

The Rambla Nova is the main promenade of Tarragona with more than 150 years of existence and the largest number of modern stores, integrated in an architectural space unique for its buildings and its history. At the end of the famous Rambla Nova we find the so-called Balcony of the Mediterranean with its characteristic wrought iron railing. It is a viewpoint on the Miracle's beach from where we can observe the Roman Amphitheater with the Mediterranean as a backdrop, where the gladiators played their lives.


The closest beach to the city is the Miracle's Beach. A few km away we can also find more pristine and quiet beaches such as Savinosa, Cala Romana or Waikiki and well-known beaches such as La Larga Beach, La Mora and La Arrabassada. Here we leave you a guide of our beaches so you don't lose the chance to visit them all ... Tarragona beaches are renowned for their fine and golden sand. They have a very gentle slope that allows you to walk in the water or swim safely. Its privileged geographical location invites you to enjoy a mild climate throughout the year.

Serrallo neighborhood

El Serrallo, is the typical fishermen's neighborhood, where the fish that is fished all day long is auctioned in the afternoon. It is a picturesque area, with its own personality and charming restaurants, where you can taste the best fish and seafood of Tarragona in one of its terraces facing the sea.

Walk along the maritime coast of the city

Passeig Rafael Casanova, taking advantage of sunbathing we propose this route

If you like to get up early, nothing like one of its viewpoints to see the sunrise.">route

UNESCO World Heritage

"A trip to the Roman culture", a trip that wants facilitate the knowledge and the valuation of the Roman heritage declared in the year 2000 World Heritage by the UNESCO.

The city of Tárraco was the first and oldest Roman settlement in the Iberian Peninsula and the capital of the major part of the peninsular territory, the province of Hispania Citerior. It was an important administrative and mercantile city in Spain, the Roman and the main center of the imperial cult for all the Iberian provinces. Tárraco was built with many fine buildings, and the archaeological excavations have revealed parts of the Roman settlement from the founding of the city in the Republican period (3rd century BC) to the early Christian era.

Tárraco stands out for its unique conception in Roman planning: the plan of the city was adapted to the configuration of the land through a series of artificial terraces, which can be seen both in the provincial forum and in the residential area of the Roman city.

The distribution reveals a superior part, which dominates the entire city and is dedicated to representation, part of the provincial bureaucracy and recreational part. Meanwhile, following the natural contours of the land, the residential city with its forum of colonies extends towards the sea and the port. The defensive system of Tárraco walls is one of the first examples of Roman military engineering in the Iberian Peninsula and the most important symbols of the city, defining its form from antiquity to the nineteenth century.

City of Human Towers

Tarragona, Ciutat de Castells" is a pioneering initiative that was born in 2013 with the double wish to achieve notoriety and tourist positioning by approaching the world of castells to the people of the city that is not part of the colles and tourists and, at the same time, capitalize one of the main cultural and traditional resources of our country: the castells, declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

This initiative has the backing and the organization of the Municipal Tourist Board, of the four colles of the city (Xiquets of Tarragona, Jove dels Xiquets of Tarragona, Xiquets of the Serrallo Castellers of Sant Pere and Sant Pau), of the Coordinator of Colles Castelleres de Catalunya (CCCC), as well as the Council of Culture of the City Council.


TARRAGONA, CITY OF CASTELLS” 2018: from June 24 to October 20..

If you wish, you can live your own experience Castellera, where the Xiquets of Tarragona explain all their secrets, the colla castellera with more history of Tarragona. Discover what are the castells and what have been the most important achievements since its inception.

Go into this amazing world, get excited watching an essay from an exclusive space and, if you dare, participate!


Our gastronomy is the reflection of our historical and cultural personality: as a Mediterranean port, an important part of its wealth comes from the sea. Abundant and fresh fishing, obtained in the largest traditional fishing port of Catalonia, is combined with the rich agriculture, which allows to conceive a native cuisine with a special flavor and a touch of genuine personality.

The most typical dish of Tarragona is the romesco casserole.

The ancients say that the romesco was born in the boats of the Serrallo which is documented at the beginning of the twentieth century, with the ingredients that they had at their fingertips: garlic, dry bread, dried pepper, oil, salt and wine, with them, they made a chopped with the mortar that they fry in the casserole, finally they added the fish of the day and made a "suquet" that they called romesco.

Our gastronomy is also provided with the fruits grown in Camp de Tarragona: hazelnuts, almonds, oil and vegetables, as well as meats and eggs. Mushrooms, potatoes and chestnuts are collected in the nearby mountains. From the area a little farther from the Ebro, rice and citrus are received. One of the most typical dishes served from January to April is calçotada, whose origin comes from the neighboring city of Valls. The calçot is an elongated onion that is prepared roasted on a base of vine shoots and eaten by smearing with romesco sauce.

With all these details about the gastronomy and the multitude of restaurants in the area, we are sure that you will be able to enjoy an exquisite gastronomic route.

Tuna Tour

POSSIBLY, ONE OF THE BEST ADVENTURES OF YOUR LIFE ... The coastal landscape of the Costa Dorada and the Delta del Ebro accompanies us throughout the trip to the Balfegó red tuna pools, located 2.5 nautical miles (5 km) from You can dive with the largest tuna in the world and enjoy fascinating moments with the 5 senses.The experience starts at the port of l'Ametlla de Mar (Tarragona) on board a modern catamaran.

Unique experience in the world !!!

Cova Urbana, travel to the center of the earth ...

There are cities that keep authentic treasures in their bowels. This is the case of Tarragona, which has an "urban" cave that only a few have managed to access, because it has been hidden until a few years ago.

On November 16, 1996, as a result of some works for the construction of a building on Gasómetro Street No. 32 in Tarragona, some galleries that had been excavated by the hand of man appear by chance. Later it could be proven that they were pierced 200 years before the birth of Christ. Some pieces from Roman times were extracted from them, but the most surprising thing was a natural well, and it is at this moment that an adventure of exploration and discovery begins.

To enter and descend to the Urban Cave is to descend to the bowels of the city, an exciting trip in the center of the Land of Tarragona. The cavity, discovered accidentally, is still a great unknown among the general public. However, people who have submerged in its depths have been amazed and surprised that the cave is not better known.

Visit the unique cave in the world that is located in the heart of a city.

Denomination of Origin: TARRAGONA

The climate of the DO Tarragona and the direct influence of the sea, with a soft orography and exceptional terrain, offer us soft, fresh and typically Mediterranean wines.

The DO Tarragona has different "terroirs", clearly distinguishing those closest to the sea from those others that are neighbors of the Ebro river.

There are multiple wine routes in the area, and many wineries that offer guided tours and tastings, enjoy wine tourism and let yourself be delighted by our wines and winemakers.

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